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The vision of R & D Cell is to promote research activities among students and faculty as well as to provide a robust platform for sharing and implementing innovative and creative ideas to facilitate exchange of information and interaction among the various research institutes and industries to develop skilled manpower in various engineering fields.

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Research & Publications

  • Published Paper titled as "A Survey on Smart Health Care System Implemented Using Internet of Things" in MAT, Journal of Communication Engineering and its Innovations ,Volume 5 Issue 1 By Prof. D.D.Kulkarni 2019
  • Published Paper titled as Stock Alert System using IOT in MAT, Journal of Network Security Computer Networks e-ISSN: 2581-639X Volume 5 Issue 1 By Prof. K.D.Patil 2019
  • Published Paper titled as Design of MPA for WirelessCommunication in MAT ,Journal of Signal Processing Volume 5 Issue 1 By Prof. K.D.Patil in 2019
  • "2nd International Conference on Computing Methodologies and Communication (ICCMC 2018) on “Design of solar based pure sine wave inverter” Tamil Nadu. India By Prof. M.B.Gulame
  • “National Journal“Cluster of Image Quality Measures for Image Enhancement” Journal of Research in Image and Signal Processing Volume 3 Issue 3 By Prof.M.B.Gulame 2018
  • “International Journal of Innovative Research & Studies on ‘’ GPS based solar tracking system” ISSN NO : 2319-9725 Volume 8, Issue II Feb 2018.BY Prof. M.B.Gulame 2018
  • Presented Paper in International Conference on Emerging Trends in Science , Engineering Management ICETSEM- 2018 By Prof. K.D.Patil
  • Published Paper in International Conference on Emerging Trends in Science , Engineering Management ICETSEM- 2018 By Prof. K.D.Patil
  • “Presented paper in National Conference on Advancement in Engineering & Science Feb 2018 By Prof. K.D.Patil
  • “VHDL model of digital system by using test bench”,National Conference on emerging trends in signal Processing, Dec. 27-29 2007,pp.208-210.
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  • Literature Review on Variable Frequency drive”, International journal of scientific research & development”,Vol 3,issue 08,2015/ISSN 2321-0613.
  • Academic Year 2018-19 B.E. Projects

    Heart Attack Detection and Heart Rate Monitor

    The Internet of Things is intercommunication of embedded devices using Networking technologies. The IoT will be one of the important trends in future; can affect the networking business and communication. This Project presents remote sensing parameter of human body, which consists of heart rate pulses. The parameters that are used for sensing and monitoring will send data through wireless sensors. Adding web based observing helps to keep track of the regular health status of patient. The sensing data will be continuous ally collected in database and will be used to inform patient to any unseen Problems to undergo possible diagnosis.

    Home Automation Using NRF technology

    This project Smart home automation using nRF Technology use devices connected to the Internet of things (IoT) to automate and monitor in-home systems. It stands for Self-Monitoring Analysis and Reporting Technology. SMART home technology allows users to control and monitor their connected home devices from SMART home apps, Smartphone’s, or other networked devices. Users can remotely control connected home systems whether they are home or away. SMART home technology allows users to control and monitor their connected home devices from SMART home apps, Smartphone’s, or other networked devices. Users can remotely control connected home systems whether they are home or away.

    Stock Alert System Using IOT

    Customer gratification is a vital aspect for any commercial. Each time a customer does not get its anticipated product on the shelf the situation leads to out of stock. This causes the customer to switch on another product, to postpone their shopping or to shop in another shop. In such circumstances there is direct loss of the retailer and manufacturer. Thus there is the need of an hour to design such technology which will be able to remove this drawback at minimum cost and maximum efficiency. In this Project we present a modest tactic through which we can overcome this drawback in best conceivable and economical way. The main application of this work is to design an intelligent shelf which will pay attention to every commotion going on it microscopically. The shelf is also proficient to detect the identity of the person who is using it, which is made possible by using RFID technology.

    IoT Based Fire Alarm and Monitoring System

    This project has proposed an internet of things (IoT) based fire alarm and monitoring system best suited for industrial and home applications. Fire is the major cause of accidents claiming valuable lives and property. The chemical reaction between carbon-based materials in presence of oxygen generates flammable vapor causing a steady rise in temperature and results in a fire. The major characteristics of fire are it extends exponentially with time. Hence, timely detection of fire is critical for avoiding a major accident. In this project, fire alarm and monitoring system are integrated with IoT platform. It can sense smoke, the rise in temperature, flame etc. and send it to a far-away monitoring station through WIFI module (ESP8266) to generate needful instructions for the actuators. In the design prototype, sensors are installed in three distinct locations to identify the exact location of fire hazards that has taken place.

    Smart Jacket Using IoT

    People often complain that it is either too hot or too cold. The current technological solutions made to keep people thermally comfortable such as air and heating units have come a long way and have been successful in helping people obtain comfort in their dwellings. In this project we are going to design an EUniform which gives better protection in the garments who are working in extreme weather conditions. This Uniform will make to work in kind of environment. The project is operated in two modes summer mode and winter mode. By selecting the mode of operation such that it can drive body heater/cooler. The heater/cooler in turn will help us to provide chilling or warming effect inside the uniform which helps the soldier to bear to any kind of external environment and he can work efficiently without heat stress or cold stress.

    Stock Detection Using LDR

    Stock detection using LDR aims to design and construct a system to help the people for keeping track of not only the objects but also their status at each instant find the right information and learning about the kinds of risks the detection hardware might face in different situations. Object is detected using LDR. The system is dependent on the stock availability of the objects that has been placed on to their specified places, if the availability is not properly defined then the system gives results as defined by the user. Hence to minimize human errors is the responsibility of the user, either the user has to be perfect in his approach of placing the objects or the user shall avail a restricted physical space for places of the objects.

    Women Protection through Location Identification by Using AVR

    In today’s world, women safety has become a major issue. This Project presents a women safety detection system using GPS and GSM modems. The system can be interconnected with the alarm system and alert the neighbors. This detection and messaging system is composed of a GPS receiver, Microcontroller and a GSM Modem. GPS Receiver gets the location information from satellites in the form of latitude and longitude. This safety device consists of a microcontroller, which processes this information and this processed information is sent to the user using GSM modem A GSM modem is interfaced to the MCU. The GSM modem sends an SMS to the predefined mobile number. When a woman is in danger and in need of self-defense then she can press the switch which is allotted to her. By pressing the switch, the entire system will be activated then immediately a sms will be sent to concern person with location using GSM and GPS.

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