Trinity Academy Of Engineering
UG Admissions

         FEE STRUCTURE A.Y.2020-21

College follows admission rules laid down by ‘Director of Technical Education’, Maharashtra state . As per the rule 80% seats of every course are filled by centralized admission procedure( JEE score). 20% seats are filled at institute level.

Trinity Academy of Engineering (EN6634)
Degree program Intake General Choice Code TFWS Choice Code
B.E(Civil) 60 663419110 663419111T
B.E.(Computer) 60 663424510 663424511T
B.E.(E &TC) 60 663437210 663437211T
B.E.(Mech) 120 663461210 663461211T

List of Documents Under Graduate(FE,DSE) Admission

Second year admissions
Students who have completed Diploma in Engineering can get admissions to direct second year. For admission procedure and rules please refer sites: /


Mechanical Engineering :Prof. K.B.Gavali - 9881020305

Civil Engineering : Prof.S.S.Deshmukh - 9881258914

Computer Engineering : Dr. Nikita Kulkarni - 9922404787

E&TC Engineering : Ms. D.D. Kulkarni - 9552542021

First Year Engineering :Dr.H.G.Haloli - 9518344438

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