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Aim of NSS cell

• To understand the community in which we work.
• To understand ourselves in relation to the community.
• To identify the needs and problems in the community and find solution in which we can be involved.
• To develop among ourselves a sense of better social and civic responsibility.
• To apply our education in finding practical solutions to individual and community problems.
• To develop the competence required for group living and sharing responsibilities.
• To develop skills in mobilizing community participation.
• To acquire leadership qualities and democratic attitude.

Objective of NSS Cell

The overall objective of this scheme is ‘Education and Service’ to the community and by the community. It is a programme for students to cater to the needs of the community, as and when required. It will also help the students to communicate with the society. To gain skills and capacity to meet emergencies and national disasters. To develop the competence required for group living and sharing responsibilities. To practice national integration.

NSS Committee Members

- Mr. S.S. Kudale (Chief Coordinator)
Ms.K.A.Katake Coordinator (Mechanical)
Prof.D. A. Jakkan Coordinator (E & TC)
Ms.S.G.Nandanwar Coordinator (Computer)

Activity Plan (2018-19)

Sr. No.


Plan Dates

01 NSS start for this year 17 Aug 2018
02 Swachata Pakhwara 1 Aug 2018
03 Slogan Posters(Save environment) 15 Feb 2018
04 Tree Plantation 26 Jun 2018
05 Traffic Control One Day 20 Jan 2019
06 Yuva Din 12 Jan 2019
07 Engineers Day 15 Sept 2019
08 Special one week camp at 7 Feb 2019
09 Guest Lecture:- Girls be safe on your own 23 Jan 2019
10 Republic day 26 Jan 2019

Events Organized in Semester I:2018-19

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Click here for Blood Donation Camp Activity
Click here for Tree Plantation Activity
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NSS Camp in VEER in Semester II:2018-19

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