Trinity Academy Of Engineering
Wall Magazine, Student & Faculty Achievement

Aim of Wall Magazine Committee

To initiate writing tendency in the students, attract their attention on current incidents and help them to develop their positive and desirable qualities.

Objective of Wall Magazine Cell

1. A separate notice board is available in college where staff and students contribute it by displaying articles from news papers, research journals, technical and non technical papers etc.
2. The Section is also instrumental in providing platform to the students to nurture and showcase their cultural talents.
3. To motivate students by displaying achievements of college, staff and students.

Committee Outcomes

• Students got platform to show their hobby.
• Students got inspired to do something innovative so that they will also get appreciation.
• Student’s talent got showcased in wall magazine.

Committee Members

- Ms. J. S. Gulavani (Civil) (Chief Coordinator)
Mr.M.A.Bhandare Coordinator (Mechanical)
Mrs. V.A.Gadekar Coordinator (Computer)
Ms.. S. S. Saste Coordinator (E & TC)

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