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Admission Rules & Regulations


Rules & Regulations

Discipline & Conduct: Students/Parents/Guardians are specifically requested to note the below mentioned discipline rules and the code of conduct for the students.

  • It is imperative that the student attends classes from the day of opening to the last day of each term during the academic year.
  • Student must be regular in attendance for theory and practical classes. In case the attendance falls short of 75% for each, theory and practicals, term will not be granted.
  • The student should complete all the term work such as Journals, Drawing Sheets, Workshop or any other assignment as per schedule.
  • Students must maintain punctuality while attending all the theory and practical classes.
  • Students must put-on college I-Card everyday without fail.
  • Strict disciplinary action will be taken against those students who fail to attend the tests, practicals, tutorials or theory classes.
  • Student and parents should specially note that if the student fails to complete the term work regularly and to the entire satisfaction of the Head of the Department, his/her term will not be granted and will not be allowed to appear for the University examination.
  • The student should note that he / she is responsible to the authorities of the Institute not only for his / her conduct in the premises of the Institute but also for his / her general behaviour outside.
  • Any reported or observed objectionable conduct within or outside the premises of the Institute, will make him / her liable for strict disciplinary action.
  • Student should not participate in any political and antisocial activities.
  • Student should help in maintaining the buildings and the campus of the Institute clean and tidy.
  • In general, the student should behave politely and decently so as to enhance his / her own image and reputation of the TCOER, Pune.
  • Any direct/indirect involvement or encouragement by a student leading to ragging or related activity will automatically result in expelling the student from the institute immediately without any consideration.

Best Engg. College, Pune