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Theory of Machines Lab

Laboratory Area: 77 Sq. M.

Laboratory In-charge: Mr.O.N.Thigale


  • To impart practical knowledge on design and analysis of mechanisms for the specified type of motion in a machine.
  • With the study of rigid bodies motions and forces for the transmission systems, machine kinematics and dynamics can be well understood.
  • Demonstration exercises are provided with wide varieties of transmission element models to understand machine kinematics.

Major Instruments:

  • Open Belt Drive(V-Belt) Mechanism
  • Universal Governor Apparatus
  • Model of Mechanically operated braking mechanism
  • Model of Multiplate Clutch
  • Models of Different types cam & Followers
  • Different types of Mechanisms

Thermal Engineering Lab

Thermal engineering laboratory assignment serves two purposes. The first is to encourage students to apply basic thermodynamics concepts learned during the semester. The second purpose is to assess student’s ability to design scientific experiments. Students have to show how data should be collected and analyzed in order to draw meaningful conclusions.

Laboratory Area: 77 Sq. Mtr.
Laboratory In-charge: Mr. S.D.Borate

Major Instruments:

  • Thermal Conductivity of metal rod
  • Babcock & Wilcox Boiler or La-Mont Boiler Model
  • Cut Section Model of Impulse Turbine
  • Cut Section Model of Reaction Turbine
  • Model of Heat Exchanger Shell & Tube Type
  • Model of jet condenser

Fluid Mechanics Lab.

Laboratory Area:  87 Sq. M.
Laboratory In-charge: Mr.S.D. Borate

  • Develop the ability of analysis interpretation and drawing conclusions the data / instrument / graph / chart pertaining to the area of quality control.
  • Development of flow meters like cone flow meter, averaging pitot probe, manifold cylindrical probes
  • Volume flow rate measurement facility utilizes volumetric flow measurement technique for measurement of the flow rate and can be used for flow characteristic studies.
  • The student is introduced to the mechanics of fluids through a thorough understanding of the properties of the fluids. The dynamics of fluids is introduced through the control volume approach which gives an integrated understanding of the transport of mass, momentum and energy.
  • The applications of the conservation laws to flow though pipes and hydraulics machines are studied

Major Instruments:

  • Bernoulli’s Theorem Apparatus.
  • Calibration of Venturimeter.
  • Calibration of Orificemeter.
  • Pipe Friction Apparatus.
  • Pelton Wheel Turbine Test Rig.
  • Centrifugal Pump Test Rig.
  • Reciprocating Pump Test Rig
  • Reynold’s Apparatus
  • Notch Apparatus



Laboratory Area: 215 Sq. M

Laboratory In-charge: Mr. R.D.Jadhav

Major Instruments:

      • Machine Shop
      • Fitting Section
      • Welding Section
      • Carpenter Section
      • Drilling Machines


Drawing Hall

How often have we thought of an image of an engineer as a person with yellow helmet scratching something at drawing board? Drawing is the identity of an engineer. Rightly so. The greatest ideas and innovations of engineer's mind are realized first on drawing board and then get materialized. To hone this skill of student the institute has taken special care with dedicated staff and drawing hall for the subjects. Apart from departmental drawing halls, institute has a spacious central drawing hall. With area of about 200 sq. meters and ample light it holds practical part of various drawing subjects such as Engineering drawing , Machine drawing , Theory of machines , Building design , automotive component drawing  among others. With seating capacity of over 70 students 3 different practical batches (or entire class if required) can be conducted smoothly. Drawing hall is also provided with various models and software’s which aids the visualization of students.

Laboratory Area: 155 Sq. M

Laboratory In-charge: Mr. S.S.Kiranalli


Engineering mechanics

 Laboratory Area: 77 Sq. M.

Laboratory In-charge:Mrs.B.B.Bhosale

Major Instruments:

  • Bell Crank Lever
  • Apparatus for Reaction in Beam
  • Simple Jib Crane
  • Apparatus for Verification of Law of Polygon of Forces


Strength of Materials Lab

Laboratory Area: 87 Sq. M.

Laboratory In-charge:Mr.O.N.Thigale

Major Instruments:

  • UTM(Computerized)
  • Impact Testing Machine
  • Hardness Tester
  • Torsion Testing Machine



Laboratory Area: 87 Sq. M.

Laboratory In-charge:Mr.R.D.Jadhav

Major Instruments:

  • Lab is equipped with 20 work stations with uninterrupted power supply.
  • The AUTO CAD, CATIA (20 Seats) are the soft-wares available also internet facility for the students.