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First Year Engineering

About Department

Department imparts excellent quality education in the areas of Applied Science and Humanities and enhances innovation thinking among students. the department constitutes subjects of Chemistry, English, Mathematics, Physics and Social Science. The department also emphasizes on improving the communication skills of the students by organizing regular group discussion for the students.There is an Active role of the department in all the activities like college administration, Examination, etc.The Department has well equipped laboratories for English, Physics and Chemistry.

Career Opportunities:

Career opportunities for these professionals are available with firms of the government, private and public sectors. Besides this, job opportunities are obtainable for them abroad too. They can take up the job as civil engineers, supervisors, managers, designers etc. Opportunities also exist in NGO’s, quality testing, defenses, navy, airways, safety, health, environmental and quality management, fire control systems, teaching and education, designing arbitration, Indian Engineering Services and independent consultancy service, use of renewable energy and eco friendly construction .