Electrical Engineering - laboratories

Electrical Engineering


Laboratory Incharge:Mr. Pawar A.U
Laboratory resources: Equipment : Experimental kit for R-L-C Network, Superposition, Thevenin’s, KCL /KVLTheorem ,1phase Transformer, Portable meters, Lamp, bank, Auto Transformer, Rheostats

Electrical Measurement Lab
Laboratory resources: Equipment : CRO,Portable meters, Level / Pressure/ Displacement measurement kits, 3 phase Auto Transformers, Digital multimeters, 3&1 phase lamp banks Current & Potential Transformer etc.

Electrical Machines Lab I & II
Laboratory resources Equipment : DC Shunt Motor with Breakepulley arrangement, sq cage inductionmotor couple to 3kw, compound dcgenrator, Ac slip ring induction motor coupled to 2kw, compound Dc, genretor.DC Shunt motor coupled with alternator,Portable meters, Inductive load bank , Rheostat ,starters etc.

Electrical Power System Lab Laboratory resources: Equipment : Experimental kit for Medium transmission line -T & Pi Model, R-L-C Network,Superposition theorem, Thevenin’s theorem, Reciprocity theorem, Millman’stheorem,R L C series & Parallel circuit.