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Electrical Engineering

About Department

Electrical department was started in 2014, with an intake capacity of 60. The department has a competent and committed faculty. The faculty members are drawn from the industry and academicians to enhance the delivery of academic programmes in the department. The key strengths of the department are qualified staff, established labs, Integrity in work, motivation, systematic process approach, Liberal work environment, student and staff feedback system.Department goal is to provide students with a balance of intellectual and practical experiences that enable them to serve a variety of societal needs. The department has Basic Electrical Engineering, Electrical Machines, Electrical Measurements and Power system Laboratories.
Objective of the department is to make the students competent to comprehend global challenges and emerge as natural leaders use their professional knowledge and problem solving skills to solve the problems of the society with confidence. also To develop an educational program recognized for fostering professional skills, nurturing managerial traits and improving technical, intellectual capacity through self and lifelong learning. And To develop students sensitive to contemporary professional and societal issues and committed to serve the society with strong ethical and human values.