Civil Engineering - About Department

Civil Engineering

To create and maintain learning environment to produce Civil Engineers who shall maintain professional integrity to serve the society with the knowledge and skills earned and be the fountain-head of new ideas and innovations in Civil Engineering.

To shape future technocrats for planning, designing, constructing and maintaining the civil engineering projects. The primary objective of the Department is to educate Civil Engineering students who can work in a multi-disciplinary environment to anticipate and address evolving challenges of the 21st century. The Department aims to develop skills in the fundamental principles of mathematics, science, and sub-disciplines in Civil Engineering that are necessary for success in industry as a Civil Engineer.

The Department assures that the Graduates of the program will be capable of operating effectively in a professional environment by demonstrating technical communication skills, the ability to procure work, the ability to interact effectively with construction professionals, and an understanding of both ethical issues in Civil Engineering and the importance of Civil Engineering work to society.

The Department of Civil Engineering seeks to prepare students to be successful professionals recognized for their- Critical thinking and problem solving based on a fundamental knowledge of humanities, social sciences, engineering science and a broad range of civil engineering technical areas, Leadership and effective communication, Pursuit of lifelong learning and professional development.