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Engineering Science Department: Activities for students


Department of engineering science has organized a Induction programme on 13/08/2019 The main purpose of to introduce the students to the engineering course. This includes the introduction to the syllabus, exam structure, credit system etc. The key factors for the students are regular attendance, well performance in the practical’s, the importance of self study, and the active role of parent at home and also the communication between parent and the college.


Department of engineering science has organized a Parent-Teacher meeting on 10/03/2018 The main purpose of meeting was to create a common platform, where teachers and parents come together to enrich the students educational experiences and discuss variety of issues, regarding all round development of students. HOD encouraged all the parents to remain in touch and communicate with teachers to discuss any concerns that might assist the teacher in understanding the needs of the individuals. He appealed parents to actively involve in various activities organized by college.

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