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Computer Engineering: Activities for students

Teachers Day celebration 2019-20

Trinity Academy of Engineering Pune, Department of Computer Engineering, organised Teachers day celebration for A.Y 2019-20 Semester I on 6th Sept 2019 Teachers Day celebration event was hosted by TE student. The Program was inaugurated by Dr. Nilesh Uke ,Principal. He gave valuable guidance to all the students. After that, Ms. S. N. Maitri (HoD-Computer Engg.) shared her views for teacher’s day. Then TE students arranged different games for teachers. All teachers enjoyed all the games. Then students arranged refreshment for all students and teachers. Azhar Hakim (TE comp) performed dance for teachers. Tanvi Kulkarni (BE comp) sing a song for all teachers. In this way, students conducted the program for teachers day very nicely.

Android Workshop

The department of Computer Engineering Trinity Academy of Engineering, Pune organized Two Days Workshop on Android Technology from 29th Aug 2019 to 30th Aug 2019 under Computer Society of India (CSI). Keeping in mind growth and demand of Android app. Inauguration of FDP was done by by Dr. Nilesh J Uke (Principal). Program was arranged and anchoring was done by Sonali A. Patil. All students learned Android technology. So that they can use their knowledge to survive in today’s technical world.

Workshop Skill Development Lab

On 12th & 13th July 2018, (Thursday & Friday) Informative workshop was conducted at our college by in collaboration of on Skill Development Lab. In this program representatives from gave detailed information to our students. In it he talked about Importance of Advanced Java & how to implements Java Programming . Actually, What the purpose of Java is to give students the opportunity to carry out an in-depth study of an applied nature, synthesizing various elements, yet pursing one area of interest in on Skill Development Lab isn’t for everyone, but if you do have the bug to experience freedom and still generate income. You get to set your own schedule.

GMRT Visit 2017

Although GMRT will be a very versatile instrument for investigating a variety of radio astrophysical problems ranging from our nearby Solar system to the edge of the observable Universe, two of its most important astrophysical objectives are:
To detect the highly redshifted spectral line of neutral Hydrogen expected from protoclusters or protogalaxies before they condensed to form galaxies in the early phase of the Universe and To search for and study rapidly-rotating Pulsars in our galaxy. After GMRT we left for Shivneri fort.

GMRT Visit 2016

NCRA has set up a unique facility for radio astronomical research using the metrewavelengths range of the radio spectrum, known as the Giant Metrewave Radio Telescope (GMRT), it is located at a site about 80 km north of Pune. GMRT consists of 30 fully steerable gigantic parabolic dishes of 45m diameter each spread over distances of upto 25 km. GMRT is one of the most challenging experimental programmes in basic sciences undertaken by Indian scientists and engineers.

Konkan visit 2015

The visit was planned on 19 & 20th March 2015 to Konkan sightseeing spots like Murud beach, Harihareshwar temple, Diveagar beach and Raigad fort for Final year students.
Murud is known for its calm and sandy beach. We enjoyed water sports activities over there.
Harihareshwar temple is surrounded by three hills named Harihareshwar, Harshinachal and Pushpadri. The river Savitri enters the Arabian Sea from the town of Harihareshwar.
Diveagar: The beach contains a number of suru trees (Casuarina), which are common to coastal Maharashtra. The access to the beach has a dense cover of belu trees, which are otherwise uncommon in the area.
Raigad : The fort, which rises 820 metres (2,700 ft) above sea level, is located in the Sahyadri mountain range. There are approximately 1737 steps leading to the fort.

IIT , Powai (Mumbai) visit 2014

The students of TE-Comp had visited the event and attended the following sessions on the day.
1. Students roamed the IIT campus and located different departments and research centers of various departments and had a photo shoot in front of Department of Computer Engineering.
2. Students visited different sections and observed the workings of different models set by DRDO, the car and the formula race vehicle designed by IIT students.
3. A group of students attended the speech delivered by Kiran Bedi, the first Woman IAS Officer at 1:30 pm.
4. A group of students attended a talk by Asa Dotzler, Developer of Firefox at 3:30 pm who explained different stages of Mozilla Firefox web browser development.
5. A group of students joined the Technical Quiz held in the department of Electrical Engineering.

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