Marketing Management Department
Prof. Preeti Sharma (Assistant Professor)
Pursuing Ph.D, MBA-Marketing, HR & IB, BSc-Zoology, DLL & LW

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The Marketing department is been established with a mission to provide an excellent professional experience in the field of Marketing Management anticipating the need of business requirement in 21st century and recognizing the imperatives of globalization. Marketing is a key management task which is crucial for the success of tomorrow’s business professionals.

After the self SWOT analysis of each student, a scientifically designed program that consists of several field assignments, projects, guest lectures, seminars, workshops, experimental learning and literature based self-study is designed throughout the academic year for the students. Using critical analysis, self-reflection and problem-solving techniques, this Marketing Management qualification enables you to learn how to develop and implement creative and strategic Marketing solutions that drive Sales performance of an organization.

Our strong industry links inform the curriculum on this programme and you are encouraged to establish and build your own network of contacts.

Financial Management Department

Pallavi K. Ingale (Assistant Professor)

Pursuing PhD (Finance), MBA (Finance), DMEIM(Import&Export),BBM (e-commerce)

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The financial management is concerned to the planning and controlling of the financial resources of an industry. The MBA in Financial Management will develop knowledgeable and capable students, who will move quickly into key positions in the financial sector At TRINITY, teaching is done by theory, practice and the latest developments in industry. The Master of Business Administration in Financial management at TRINITY offered the knowledge and skills of analytical thinking, continuous process, concept of managerial decision, maintaining balance between risk & profitability, coordination process and problem-solving ability that students will need as a senior leader and decision maker in business. More than 160 students have passed MBA finance from our institute and are well placed in different industries.

Students are motivated to acquire additional skills sets like NCFM certification, advance Excel, Tally etc. Faculties are nominated to guide students for government jobs exams, Bank PO and other competitive exams.

In summer internship program students get an opportunity to acquaint themselves with the working environment & acquire techniques / skills required in that industry.

International Business Management Department

Prof. Saad Siddiqui (Assistant Professor)


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This postgraduate programme provides an opportunity in International Business for aspiring and experienced marketers to advance their international expertise and specialist knowledge in order to make a major contribution to the performance of an organization.

International Business is a key management task which is crucial for the success of tomorrow’s business professionals at global level. At Trinity, you will teach by experienced practitioners and academics, building a thorough knowledge of International Business theory and developing the planning, strategic-thinking and managerial skills necessary to progress your career.

Trinity Institute of Management & Research hosts an impressive series of lectures from industry managers and business professionals. Our strong industry links inform the curriculum on this programme and you are encouraged to establish and build your bright career into you desired specialization.

Operations Management Department

Prof. Ravindra A. Kayande (Assistant Professor)

Pursuing Ph.D, B.Tech-Chemical, (MBA-Operations, HRM), (UGC-NET-Management & HRM/LW), SET- Management

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Operations Management is the key to achieving competitive advantage for organizations, whether in the manufacturing industry or the service industry. Operations management process addresses the questions that an organization faces in its choice of products and manufacturing technology, utilization of capacity, maintenance and quality, costing and sourcing of materials, and customer handling polices. Operations Management in a crux is a systematic approach to addressing issues in the transformation process that converts inputs into useful, revenue-generating outputs. A related discipline which is included in Operations Management is operations research. This area involves the use of quantitative tools such as dynamic programming to solve corporate problems. Through frequent industrial visits and rigorous 2 months summer internship program in manufacturing industries, students are given additional exposure.

Supply Chain Management Department:
Supply chain management facilitates multi firm collaboration within a framework of key resource flow and constraint.

Information Technology Management Department

Prof. Priyanka Nigade (Assistant Professor)

MBA (Computer Management), BCA

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At the heart of any MBA program lies a curriculum in business management, strategy and economics. However, business runs on information, and in today's world, information is shared through technology. An MBA in Information Technology integrates business management and technology knowledge into an advanced graduate program.

An MBA in Information Technology program combines business courses with information systems policies and practices. Technology courses in this MBA program focus on the best ways to manage IT systems and employees. Students also learn about using emerging technologies in the business workplace for maximum productivity. With a growing number of businesses either adding Internet presence or providing strictly online sales, an MBA in Information Technology program gives entrepreneurs a greater understanding into management of people, e-commerce and security. Starting a new business requires skills available through MBA programs, and in the modern technology-based world, knowing how to plan a systems infrastructure at the outset can lead to smoother future growth.

TIMR also offer a competitive advantage with an MBA in Information Technology by providing conceptual vision and advancing a business to change with technological trends. MBA programs give students and professionals a solid foundation in management skills, and a concentration in information technology helps them keep their business practices current.