Mechanical Engineering Department-Journal

International Journal of Advanced Engineering Trends
June 2017
Volume 01,
Issue 01

Published by • KJEI Trinity College of Engineering and Research, Pune

Chief Editor • Dr. Prakash S. Dabeer
Editorial Board
• Dr. Kumar D. Sapate
• Dr. Madhukar M. Deshmukh
• Dr. Sandip A. Kale
• Dr. Shankar B. Chaudhari
• Dr. Shubhangi Handore
• Prof. Jayshree V. Satre
• Prof. Vijay S. Shingade
• Prof. Suvarna E. Pawar
• Prof. Ganesh P. Bharambe
• 02 Issues per year
Scope of Journal
This journal will publish papers on recent advances in the following fields,
• Mechanical Engineering
• Civil Engineering
• Electrical Engineering
• Computer Engineering
• Electronics Engineering
• Information Technology

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