Coordinator's Message

Colleagues and Students
It is my immense pleasure to be appointed as ambassador for the Australian Institute of Water Sciences and as a visiting professor and Co-Chair of this exciting venture. The Australian Institute of Water Sciences is delighted to be associated with a venture of this magnitude and quality.

The focus of this venture will not only be to provide skills training in the water and environment sector but to bring to India and Pune, a sharing of knowledge between our two great nations that will benefit both our peoples.

I am particularly excited at the prospect of conducting new research and embarking on public sector projects using novel approaches discovered by the work of this academy.

To the students, researchers and staff of the Trinity Academy of Water Sciences, I wish you well in endeavours and look forward to your wisdom and tenacity.

 - Prof Phillip Bell
Trinity Academy of Water Sciences.
Managing Director, Australian Institute of Water Sciences.

HOD’s Message

In the face of water scarcity and climate change affecting patterns of rainfall distribution coupled with population growth creating pressure on existing water resources, it becomes incumbent to utilize our technological advances to the fullest to ascertain the optimal use of available water resources. In order to make sure that the best possible technologies and human resource are available for this task, trinity Academy of Water Sciences has introduced an International Certification and Skills Training for Water and Waste Treatment Plant Operators with two certifications- Intermediate Certificate in Water Operations (Cert III) and Senior Certificate in Water Operations (Cert IV). Cert III is of 100 hours duration covered in 4-6 weeks in the campus and targets undergraduate operators. Senior Certification is designed for experienced water treatment/ candidates who have done Intermediate level certification.

The institute is dedicated to create sustainable environment, bring the World’s best technology to the common masses thereby reducing cost and improving outcome.

 - Prof. Satish Deshmukh
HOD, Trinity Academy of Water Sciences
KJEI, Pune