Technology Business Incubation Center

“Our Technology Business Incubation Center is all about fostering A Baby to be The Boss”

Aims and Objective of Technology Business Incubation Center

1. To work towards National Development through conception and advancement in technology driven startups.

2. To egg on the entrepreneurial spirit in our graduating and graduated students.

3. To create awareness about Technology Incubation and Commercialization of R & D products and processes.

4. To promote small & medium industries.

5. Help to create value added jobs and services.

6. To develop tools for Technology Transfer.

7. To ensure interaction between education and industry.

8. To bridge the gap between R&D and commercialization.

9. To assist existing incubatees by way of specialized services.

Vision and Mission

Our Mission: “Our mission is to produce successful ventures that will leave the incubator financially viable and freestanding.”

Our Vision: “To create incubatees with a potential to create jobs, vitalize society, commercialize novel technologies, and reinforce local and national economies.”

Technology Business Incubation Committee

Chairperson:Dr. Vijay M. Wadhai (Principal, TAE)

Faculty Coordiantors

1. Prof. Snehal Pagay(Chief Coordiantor) - Civil Engg.
2. Prof. S.G.Nandanwar(Coordiantor) - Computer Engg.
3. Prof. A.Y.Patil(Coordiantor) - Mechanical Engg.
4. Prof. S.V.Parode (Coordiantor)- E&TC Engg.

Student Members:

1.Prasad B. Karad - Civil Engg.
2.Anuj S.Jakhotia - Civil Engg.
3.Mayur Kashikar - Civil Engg.
4.Adwait S.Khandagde - Civil Engg.
5.Seema Sharma - Civil Engg.
6.Jadhav Diksha Dattatray - Computer Engg.
7.Borde Ashutosh Ajit - Computer Engg.
8.Mulani Javed Latib - Computer Engg.
9.Yogesh Pandit - Mechanical Engg.
10.Pranav Khandagale - Mechanical Engg.
11.Kiran Pawar - Mechanical Engg.
12.Mahesh Wable - Mechanical Engg.
13.Pratik Ghatage - Mechanical Engg.
14.Dinesh Chunge - E&TC Engg.
15.Pooja Shende - E&TC Engg.
16.Priyanka Dende - E&TC Engg.

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