Aims of Professional Chapters

1. The purpose of a Professional Student Chapter is to promote the interests in the professional Society and its programs. Studentsare being active members of Professional chapter to contribute for their personal growth and career development.

Vision and Mission

Our Vision: “Professional student chapter promotes the study, application, and advancement of information systems through career enhancement, professional networking, and chapter development.”

Our Mission: “The Professional student chapter program will become the primary source for undergraduate information systems career development and the premier network of information systems at institutions of higher education across the globe.”

Objectives of Professional Chapters

1. To update students’ knowledge and skills in their fields of activity by means of professional chapter.

2. To assist and contribute in the production and development of top quality professional engineers and technicians needed by the industry and other organizations.

3. To support and foster the development of undergraduate college students as they areprepare to enter the engineering profession through professional chapter.

4. To provide a training ground for developing future leaders.

5. To improve and maintain the public images of the engineering profession.

Committee Members:-
Prof. D. A. Jakkan Chief Coordinator (E & TC)
Prof. K. M. Kulkarni Coordinator (Mechanical)
Prof. S.C. Tandale Coordinator (Civil)
Prof.T.G.Thite Coordinator (E & TC)
Prof. S.S.Kale Coordinator (Computer)