Aim Of International / National Conference Cell

To provide a forum for congregation of researchers, academicians and professionals along with policy makers working in a wide range of scientific areas enabling exchange of ideas, current concerns and ongoing researches in their areas of specialization on a shared platform to address issues concerning a common interest.

Objectives of International / National Conference Cell

A conference can provide among others the opportunity to:

    1. Meet students, researchers, professors etc. from other linguistics departments of our own or other countries.

    2. Become aware of other cultures and ideas related to linguistics.

    3. To consider and keep under review building work which may be needed to conform to good health, safety and welfare practice.

    4. Familiarize with other research work, projects etc.

    5. Promote association, university / department within the field.

    6. Attract new and active students in association, university / department.

    7. Build connections and create a network of co-workers and institutions

    8. Promote our own research and get feedback

    International / National Conference Committee

    S. No. Name Position Dept. Mob. No.
    1 Dr. Vijay M. Wadhai Chairperson 9921843549
    2 Mrs. Shraddha Sharma Chief Coordinator Civil 7066880237
    3 Prof. S. C. Kulkarni Faculty Member Mech 8308742043
    4 Prof. Chanchal P. Kedia Faculty Member Comp 9665054316
    5 Prof. Trupti G. Thite Faculty Member E&TC 9850611392

    Student Representatives

    1. Haider Lukade (Civil)
    2. Mayur Kashikar (Civil)
    3. Ajinkya Upadhye (Civil)
    4. Vickrant Dhawade (Civil)
    5. Seema Sharma (Civil)
    6. Dipak Landge (Civil)
    7. Abhishek Agarwal (Computer)
    8. Priyanka Shinde (Computer)
    9. Asmita Gholap (Computer)
    10. Soniya Yadav (Computer)
    11. Shiraj Urmani (Computer)
    12. Rohan Khoja (E&TC)
    13. Sheetal Sawant (E&TC)
    14. Shaikh Shahabuddin (E&TC)
    15. Mrunalini Deshmukh (E&TC)
    16. Raju A. Dhage (Mechanical)
    17. Yash C. Dave (Mechanical)
    18. Manohar G. Buva (Mechanical)
    19. Atharva S. Joshi (Mechanical)
    20. Vivek S. Joshi (Mechanical)

    Standard Operating Process:

    First phase:
    1.Sub committees’ constitution
    2.Scheduled dates
    3.Goals & agenda
    4.Theme and name of conference

    Second phase:
    1.Budget preparation, sanction and allocation
    2.Methods and fee of Registration
    3.Number and types of sessions, breaks, meals etc.
    4.Session schedule: keynote, plenary/ break-out, end note
    5.Chief guest and panel experts selection
    6.Method of publication (proceedings/ journals)
    7.Important dates for acceptance and review of papers

    Third phase:
    5.Call for participants and abstracts
    6.Stationary for conference, memento and trophies

    Fourth phase:
    1.Acceptance of abstracts/ review

    Execution nearing the dates of conference
    1.Accommodation, transport and catering management
    2.Venue management


    S. No. Activity Planned dates
    1 National Conference March, 2017
    2 National Conference March/April, 2017
    3 International Conference March/ April, 2018