Competitive Examination Cell(UPSC,MPSC,Gate,etc)

Aim of Competitive Examination Cell

The principal function of the Competitive Examination Centre is to create awareness in the field of competitive examinations.

Objectives of Competitive Examination Cell

1. To prepare the student to face the different competitive examination like GATE/IES/UPSC/MPSC/GRE/TOEFL.

2. To provide support with facilities like Library, study room, Internet, etc with subject/Paper-Wise qualitative Guidance from eminent administrators, academicians and professional expertise.

3. To create awareness among the youth in Technical and Non-Technical examinations.

4. To plan and conduct Guidance and motivational programmes for aspiring candidates.

5. To provide guidance in choosing a career.

Committee Coordinator

1. Prof. S. L. Konde(Cheif Coordinator)

2. Dr. Swamy

3. Prof. S.S. kale

4. Prof. P. Nayak


January 6 Workshop on GATE Gate Forum
January 13 Competitive Exam(Informative Technical/Non-Technical Rajusing Rathor
Feb 3 Workshop on MPSC/UPSC PIAC
Feb 17 Workshop on GATE Gate Forum
March 3 Workshop on Army/Navy/Air-Force Recruitment Col. Ganesh Balu
March 17 Exhibition

Student Co-ordinator

1. Swapnil Magar – 9405965819- magarswapnil9@gmail.com

2. Avinash kharmate – 8308324621 - avinashkharmate1995@gmail.com

3. Pratik Lokhkare – 7507727477- pratiklohkare@gmail.com

4. Shubham Pise- 8308051299- shubham18.pise@gmail.com

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