Aim of Student Council Cell

  Leadership :-Developing and promoting leadership abilities
  Diversity:-Building awareness, respect, and value for all people
  Academic Achievement:- Striving for and creating motivation for academic excellence
  Involvement:-Building a partnership between the school and community with service
  Spirit:-Creating activities for campus pride and participation
  Purpose: To Develop Leaders!

  Objectives of Student Council Cell

  • To have a council that is representative of all different social groups, ages, nationalities, races and ethnicities within The TAE
  • To represents the students & provides a good way of interaction and communication with the higher authorities
  • To develop a genuine partnership between staff and students where students are provided with important life skills through initiating projects and solving problems.
  • To help meet this aim, we encourage students to take an active role in the decision-making processes, Events Planning and Public Relations skills, making them diplomatic & Creative and critical thinker.
  • To understand various errands & emerges out as a idol.
  • Rally round greatly in building confidence and self-esteem in students.
  • Represent TAE for different organizations, companies, local and international media, and other institutions of higher education in the India.

  • Student Council Committee

    Prof. D. K. Chaudhari(Chief Coordinator)

    Prof. S. V. Parode(Coordinator)(E&Tc)
    Prof. M. A. Bhandare(Coordinator) (Mech)
    Prof. S. P. Yadav (Coordinator)(Comp)
    Prof. Mahesh Deshmukh (Coordinator)(App. Sc)

      K J Sir's Birthday Celebration

    The birthday of KJEI’s Founder & President, Shri Kalyanrao Jadhav was on 24th of January 2017. On this occasion, the Student Council of Trinity Academy of Engineering celebrated his birthday by starting 14 new activities in the institute in the interest of development of students as well as institute. The idea behind these activities is to prepare graduates while at college, who are not only well equipped in Engineering Subjects and Software Engineering Fundamentals, but also have the ability to integrate the learning across foundation areas, to boost their research & development thoughts, to equip them for practical situations, and also develop professional skills to enable them to effectively compete in today's market place viz. teamwork, project management, cross functional networking, effective communications, logical & innovative thinking.

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