Rotaract CLUB/Social Club/Value Education Club

Vision of Rotaract Club

1. To develop culture by inspiring students, staffs to open their minds and lead efforts.
2. To envision communities composed of individuals passionately serving for society and making a difference in the work.
3. To develop knowledge and understanding of the needs, problems and opportunities.

Mission of Rotaract Club

1. To provide an opportunity for students to promote responsible citizenship, develop professional skills, and employ effective leadership by offering venues to learn from proven leaders, network with committed young professionals and serve the needs of the community.
2. To develop students socially, professionally, emotionally, and intellectually; to enhance their knowledge and skills that will assist them in personal development; to address the physical and social needs of their communities, to emphasize respect for the rights of others, to provide opportunities for personal and group activities to serve the community and promote international understanding and goodwill toward all people.
3. To promote better relations between students, staffs through a framework of attachment and nicety.

Goals of Rotaract Club

1. Foster students for innovation and flexibility
2. Encourage students to participate in a variety of service activities
3. Promote membership diversity
4. Improve studentplacements and employment
5. Develop professional and leadership skills
6. Increase collaboration with other organizations
7. Create significant projects (social, corporate, technical).
8. Publicize action-oriented service 9. Promote core values

Core Values of Rotaract Club

Fellowship and global understanding, Ethics and integrity, Diversity, Vocational expertise, service, and leadership.

Events/competitions to be organized

  • Voluntary Teaching for children at a local school, slum areas.
  • Save Electricity Drive, Save Water Drive, and OldAge Home Visit with Volunteers.
  • Rotaract Week, Orphanage Visit, Stalls for selling products made by disabled people.
  • Educational projects such as tutoring programs or mentoring.
  • Supporting disadvantaged or disabled people.
  • Providing assistance after a natural disaster.
  • Addressing poverty in developing nations.
  • Ensuring all people has basic human rights.
  • Environmental projects such as supporting a sustainable lifestyle.

  • Committee Members

    Mr. A. D. Patange (Chief Coordinator)
    Mr. M. M. Moog(Cordinator)
    Mrs. S. S. Jadhav (Cordinator)
    Mrs.S. S. Saste(Cordinator)
    Mrs. S. Kale(Cordinator)

    E-Mail id: taerotaract@gmail.com

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