Environmental Cell

Aim and Objectives of Environment Cell

1. To establish, run or otherwise manage & administer to provide a platform & brilliant forum for professionals, students, desiring to work amicus curiae in the field of environment.

2. To render advice in environmental field to general public voluntary organizations.

3. To promote awareness of and care for the environment and to experience nature intimately.


1. Formation of Environmental Club
     I. Inauguration and Expert Speech
     II. Carbon Auditing Environmental Club will undergo Carbon Audit for entire campus area. Club members are working to find out the emission levels of CO2 for Dec 2016.
     III. Environmental bins Environmental dustbins will be provided to all corners of the corridor, Library areas etc. The students will be responsible for keeping classrooms free from paper, plastic carrier-bags, and food. The Club members regularly come to check and collect the bins and once a week.
     IV. Pure and Hygienic Drinking Water Facility Committee members will ensure the quality of drinking water provided in college.

2. Tree Unique Identity Number (TUIN) & Plant Guardian Scheme Environmental club will to identify each plant/tree growing in TAE campus. Based on the above concept we will be providing Tree Unique Identity Number to each plan/ trees present in this campus. The committee member beautifully tabulates the trees present in TAE campus and will assign students as Plant Guardian.

3. ECO Theme Exhibition (Innovative Models/ Posters) Club members will be Exhibiting One Eco-Environmental Theme Daily or For Couple of days at TAE entrance.

4. Solid Waste Management
     i. Vermicompost
     ii. Dump Yard
     iii. Fertilizers by spreading fallen plant leaves around trees

Environmental Club Committee

1. Dr. Vijay Wadhai(Chairman (Principal TAE))
2.Prof. G. N. Supe(Co-Ordinator (Civil Engg.))9405696597
3.Prof. D. A. Jakkan(Faculty Member (E & Tc))8380097660
4.Prof. S. S. Jadhav(Faculty Member (Computer))8605009023
5.Prof. G. E. Patil(Faculty Member (Mechanical))8805518583

Environmental Club : Student Coordinator

6.Mr. Ajinkya Choure(Student Member (Civil Engg.))9422236982
7.Mr. Kiran Belote (Student Member(Civil Engg.))9623669410
8.Mr. Sachin Hungund(Student Member(Civil Engg.)) 9.Mr. Amol Magar(Student Member(Civil Engg.))9421054310
10.Mr.Khambekar Mandar(Student Member(E & Tc(TE))
11Mr.Ramtirth Shubham(Student Member(E & Tc (BE))
12.Miss.Pawar Pranali(Student Member(E & Tc (BE))
13.Miss. Priyanka Shinde(Student Member(Computer))
14.Mr. Raj Katare(Student Member(Computer))9975130350
15.Mr.Mohammed Kachwala(Student Member(Computer))9158921952
16.Mr. Sahesh Vichare(Student Member(Mechanical))7774058408
17.Mr.Saurabh Hase(Student Member(Mechanical))9225222002
18.Mr.Kiran Pawar(Student Member(Mechanical))9763497731

Click here for Environment Club Inauguration Ceremony