Aims of Corporate Social Responsibility Cell

1) Create a positive impact in all communities where we work
2) Be a model public entity with social responsibility committed to energizing lives through sustainable development.

Objectives of Corporate Social Responsibility Cell

1.To proactively support the health and wellbeing of our students.
2.To protect and built up our environment.
3.To reduce the wastage of natural resources.
4.To support our local communities.
5.To establish partnerships with charitable organizations with supporting activities.

Corporate Social Responsibility Cell Members

- Prof. P. A. Manatkar Chief Coordinator)
Prof.M.B.Gulame Coordinator (E & TC)
Prof.A.A.Burade Coordinator (Civil) Prof.D.B. Dukale Coordinator(Mechanical)

Activities of Corporate Social Responsibility Cell:

1. Training Program On College Branding Activity 2019
This program was about College Branding Activity. The guest speaker invited for the talk was Mrs. Priya Pise, she is working as an Assistant Professor In Indira College Of Engineering, Pune. She is also her’s college Branding Activity Head. The introductory speech was given by Prof. Ankure Burade. The guest and principal sir were felicitated by flower pots from CSR team.

Click here for Activity Report on Training Program On College Branding Activity 2019

2. Kerela Flood Relief Funds 2018
This activity was about collection of “Kerela Relief Fund”. We all know that recently Kerela was affected by heavy rains and had to face terrible flood. All over the India, help from all sectors of the society was provided. As a social responsibility towards our country, initiative was taken by Prof. Pravin Manatkar as CSR Head and it was carried out in individual departments by the students, guided by respective departmental coordinators.Students were well aware of the calamity Kerela was facing and participated very enthusiastically. Along with students fellow faculty members also contributed to their best. Without disturbing the academics student members conducted this activity very nicely, and raised good amount i.e. 12550/- Rs (Twelve Thousand Five Hundred Fifty only) of fund. The amount was handed to Principal TAE Dr.Nilesh Uke Sir on behalf of our CSR team which was transferred to “Chief Ministers Distress Relief Fund” Kerela Government.

Click here for Activity Report on Kerela Flood Relief Funds 2018

Activity Plan (2018-19)

Sr. No.


Plan Dates

01 Arranging Guest lecturer at TAE for educating our students and faculties about CSR In July 2018
02 Traffic awareness program (Help to Traffic Police in Khadi Machine) 2nd and 4th Saturday of July/ August 2018
03 Police Mitra in “Ganpati Utsav” 13/09/2018 to 23/09/2018
04 Listing CSR Companies and raise the fund From July to September 2018
05 Planning for Environment Related Activity (tree plantation in villages) January 2019
06 Visit to Anath Ashram (Shenhalaya Ahmadnagar) February 2019
07 Listing CSR Companies and raise the fund. December to March 2019