Aim Of Alumni Cell

Aim of Trinity Academy of Engineering, Pune Alumni is to expand the association of Alumni for the excellence in state-of- the art technologies in engineering through Institute- Alumni interaction.

Objectives of Alumni Cell

1. To cause create a sense of abiding affection and affinity thro mentioned reciprocation in the minds of the former and ongoing students

2. To strengthen ties between the TAE and alumni and encourage them to participate in the various cultural, social and scientific activities

3. To develop, encourage and foster friendship and fellowship among the students, teachers, senior administrative staff of the past and present, of the Trinity Academy of Engineering Pune.

4.To foster good rapport between the management, staff and students on the one land and the public on the other for the growth and development of the college to better its public image.

5.To make follow-up studies of employed alumni in order to improve their conditions.

Alumni Committee Members

Prof. Gulame M.B.(Chief Coordinator) (E&TC)
Prof.Ms.Jadhav S.S.(Coordinator) (Computer)
Prof. Mr. Baitule D.A.(Coordinator) (Mechanical)
Prof. Mrs. Chimkade P.M.(Coordinator) (Civil)

Student Coordinator (Current Batch):

Mr. Kelkar Omkar (E&TC)
Mr. Joshi Atharav(Mechanical)
Mr. Bhosale Suraj (Computer)
Mr. Kashikar Kashikar (Civil)


To decide Title of the event & a basic description.
Speaker title & info about them.
Name and address of location.
Parking and transportation information.
Finalized date and times (Tentative in last week of February)
Budget planning.
Convey event information to Alumni Office staff so they can produce your event Invitation, registration form, and webpage.
We will send the email invitation to alumni.

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