Gender Equality Committee

Aim of Gender Equality Committee

Aim of the committee is to view that everyone should receive equal treatment in college and not be discriminated against based on their gender.

Objectives of Gender Equality Committee

1. To foster gender equality in all aspects of College life and throughout the College community

2. To take active steps to establish good gender balance in decision-making processes in all areas of the College’s activities.

3. To support women and girls in the realization of their full human rights and to work equally with men for their holistic development.

Gender Equality Committee

Prof. Mrs. Thite T.G.(Chief Coorinator) E&TC
Prof. B. P. Ingale (Coordinator) Mechanical
Prof. Mr.A.A.Burade(Coordinator) Civil
Prof.S. S. Kale (Coordinator) Computer

Student Coordinators

Mr.Tambade Vaibhav (E&TC)
Mr. Ashok Kumar (Mechanical)

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