KJEI's Competitive Examination Centre

KJEI offer a range of courses from playgroup to doctoral studies in various disciplines. The institutes have adopted broad based academic programs that reinforce the basic fundamentals while paving way for specialized learning. We have been achieving new milestones in academic excellence with each passing day. KJEI was conceived with the intent of serving the society and contributing towards national development. While maintaining academic excellence and ensuring that the alumni are technically, ethically sound and employable has been the generally perceived opinion regarding technical and professional education, the organization desires to go a step further and equip its students with a competitive edge against other graduates. KJEI’s COMPETITIVE EXAMINATION CENTRE aims to deliver students with an awareness of their potential, a feeling of competitiveness, a desire to outperform their peers and attain the best available jobs in India and abroad with a focus on MPSC, UPSC, GATE, GRE, CAT, GMAT, TOEFL and other examinations.