Computer Engineering-Achievements

Computer Engineering

Seminar and workshop
  • Two Days State Level Workshop On “Emerging Trends in Databases” (ETID 2013)  on 25th& 26th October, 2013.
  • Workshop on “Google docs” for students . 
  • Workshop on “Latex” for students on 9th feb 2012,delivered by Prof. Ketan Raut
  • Workshop on “Linux” for students.
  • Workshop on “Matlab” for students..
  • Guest lecture on HL, delivered by Prof. Amar More
  • Workshop on “Android” for students.
  • Guest lecture on  “Lecture on Forward and Reverse engg. of UML Component and deployment.
Students Achievements
  • Website of spiritua which was developed by Kunal Kawale got 2nd prize in all over India.
  • Mr.K.R Akhil got placed in cybage ltd with package 2.8 P.A
  • Ms Sheikh Samrin got placed in Persistent ltd. with package 3.2 P.A
  • Ms Sayali kulkarni got placed in Persistent ltd. With package 3.2 P.A
  • Chaitanya Kshirsagar got selected in cricket championship at national level..
  • Ganesh Prajapati was winner in JAM in KJ youth fest.
  • Ashiwini Gundale was winner in Mehandi competition in KJ youth fest.
  • Ashwini jambhulkar was runner up in Jam in KJ youth fest.
  • Drama directed and performed by TE COMP students got 1st prize in KJ youth fest.